Welcome to TekMexico

TekMexico is an information technology (IT) services company providing IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services.

Using our enhanced global delivery model, innovative software approach and industry expertise, we provide high-value IT services that enable our clients to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service.

We serve Global 2000 companies and the leading software vendors in Communications & Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Media, Information & Entertainment industries. We build and sustain application platforms for our clients that create a competitive advantage.

TekMexico is a multi-faceted software-consulting firm

TekMexico is a multi-faceted software-consulting firm based in Southern California. We are a professionally managed company offering a broad range of IT Professional Services to Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Our mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by providing flexible, high quality Information Technology solutions on time, every time. Our ability to meet this challenge is based upon our proven excellence in building strong teams of dedicated software professionals, all of whom are focused on the individual needs of our clients.

TekMexico provides consulting services, turnkey projects and software solutions. Our engineers have the ability to seamlessly integrate innovative software, cutting-edge hardware, and experienced, insightful consulting into one package. The result is a powerful, comprehensive solution that allows you to focus on developing your business.

We specialize in the development of custom software applications and software services. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.

Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies. This to a great extent defines the quality and reliability of the custom software applications that we develop.

We deliver custom application programming services to end customers and we provide software services for other IT companies. Our competence and experience ensure that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers.

At every stage of the development process, from conceptual design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. Our extensive communication facilities allow us to keep in touch with our customers 24 hours a day.

We are a software Development specialist that combines the definite bottom-line benefits with its recognized expertise in strategic global models that help it in providing reliable Software Development Solutions. The services offered cover Custom Software Development, Application Development, Web Application Development, Agile Software Development, Ecommerce web site design, Web Marketing, Website Design and Software Maintenance. Our goal is to deliver superior quality software development services and products while giving unmatched value to enterprises worldwide at an affordable cost.

Here talent is harnessed

TekMexico strives to be a place where talent, quality, and values come together in the successful completion of desired outcomes. TekMexico is an outstanding place to work. It is a professional, challenging, rewarding environment, respectful of ideas and individuals. This translates into a continuity of service, and focus on delivering desired results to our customers in a timely and highly effective manner.

TekMexico is an Information Technology Consulting Services provider specializing in Project Staffing, Software Development, Project Management, Contract Programming.

We can complement and extend your staff, on-call, as needed. We provide a complete outsourcing solution, covering every aspect of developing and maintaining a network to developing policies procedures and budgets.

Regardless of how you engage us, we understand what any business requires, and we possess the experience and ability to provide industry best-practices. If you don't have access to dependable IT expertise, allow TekMexico to provide a complete outsourcing solution to benefit your business today and as it grows and changes.

We fulfill our promises with speed, quality and value to both our Consultants and our Clients. Our management team averages years of direct information technology consulting industry experience. This extensive experience combined with reputations of excellence and professionalism provides clients with the utmost confidence in TekMexico service offerings. TekMexico strives for a mutually beneficial relationship, delivering to needs requirements, by which the Customer is in complete control of outcomes.

Managed Services are the future of IT. Managed Services allow businesses of all sizes to get a high level of IT expertise without having to absorb the cost of full time employees.

Most small and medium businesses have a common problem, they need IT staff and computer support, but often can't justify the cost of hiring a network engineer or administrator. In most cases, they simply don't have the amount of work needed to justify one or more IT employees. In order to compete on a level playing field, SMBs need technology as well as experts to implement and manage it.

Managed Services alleviates this pain by letting a dedicated staff build and support your business computing environment. With a combination of hardware, software and technical expertise, Secure Resolutions can build a turn-key infrastructure for any business vertical and manage that on an ongoing basis or simply take over management of your existing network.

Managed Services from Secure Resolutions tackles key hurdles to embracing IT as a business driver. Below are some of the key advantages:

No Need For Dedicated IT Staff

It can be very costly for small and medium businesses to have full time IT staff. Salary, benefits, bonuses, vacation and many other factors, put dedicated IT talent out of the picture for growing businesses. Maybe you only have a few computers and can't justify having a full time employee to manage them. Either way, TekMexico can give you all of the benefits of your own IT department without the price.

Proactive Remediation of Issues

Our managed services platform lets us know when you are having problems before they get out of control. We keep your costs to a minimum by proactively handling computer and network problems before they impact your business. TekMexico knows when you are having trouble immediately; often before you do.

No Management Software Costs

Not only is it expensive to have your own IT staff, but the costs don't stop there. You need tools to manage your computers in a traditional IT model. With TekMexico, you don't buy any software. We handle all of the setup, monitoring and maintenance. As technologies advance, so does our platform, shielding you from the complexity and costs of IT management.

High Levels of Expertise

TekMexico has a team of certified engineers that have some of the best training and credentials in the industry. Because we can serve many customers at once, we can afford to have high-end talent managing your network. It is like having a whole IT department at your call.

Fixed Cost and Service Level Agreement

TekMexico isn't new to this field. We've been proven time and again. We know how to keep costs low and value high. With a service level agreement, we will deliver what we promise, when we promise it, for the cost we promise. Managed services from Secure Resolutions make IT simple.

Here talent, quality, and values come together

Innovative designs, best practices and high performance are the hallmark of TekMexico’s built systems. TekMexico will work efficiently to gather your technical and business requirements to develop computer or web software applications that will meet or exceed your expectations. We will use latest cutting edge frontend and backend software to create optimal applications. Where ever possible we will use open source technologies to cut your cost.

OS/Platforms/Technologies/Databases/Tools/Application Servers/Distributed Systems

EJB, Struts, Spring, Hibernate

Application Servers Websphere, Weblogic, Jboss, Oracle Application Server, Tomcat, Netscape, GlassFish

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP


HP QTP (Quick Test Pro), Selenium, LoadRunner,

Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, RedHat

Microsoft Windows (including Widows Vista, WinCE)
MFC, COM, Win API, DDK, Delphi, .Net, C#

J2ME, Android, Iphone

HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Flex AIR, (Actionscript), Ajax


Scalability testing, stress and load testing, performance testing

Multiplatform/ Crossplatform 
Qt, wxWidgets, C/C++

Microsoft SharePoint, FileNet, Documentum

Oracle BPM, BPEL, Aqualogic

including Swing

Sugar CRM


IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SAP DB, PostgreSQL

Ruby on Rails, Dojo, YUI, Javascript, Scriptaculas.

Middleware, which is quickly becoming synonymous with enterprise applications integration (EAI), is software that is invisible to the user. It takes two or more different applications and makes them work seamlessly together. This is accomplished by placing middleware between layers of software to make the layers below and on the sides work with each other. On that broad definition, middleware could be almost any software in a layered software stack. Further, middleware is a continually evolving term. Since much of the software business is driven through the perceptions of the “hottest” current technologies, many companies are giving their software the name “middleware” because it is popular.

Middleware, or EAI, products enable information to be shared in a seamless real-time fashion across multiple functional departments, geographies and applications. Benefits include better customer service, accurate planning and forecasting, and reduced manual re-entry and associated data inaccuracies.

Middleware is essential to migrating mainframe applications to client/server applications, or to Java or internet-protocol based applications, and to providing for communication across heterogeneous platforms. This technology began to evolve during the 1990s to provide for interoperability in support of the move to client/server architectures. There are two primary applications for middleware using any of the above middleware initiatives: Computer Telephony and Software Interfaces such as via Java based middleware applications.

TekMexico has expertise in providing different middle tier solutions using two major technologies Java and .Net depending upon the stakeholders’ need.

At TekMexico we believe in the following test driven philosophy.

Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results. Although crucial to software quality and widely deployed by programmers and testers, software testing still remains an art, due to limited understanding of the principles of software. The difficulty in software testing stems from the complexity of software: we can not completely test a program with moderate complexity. Testing is more than just debugging. The purpose of testing can be quality assurance, verification and validation, or reliability estimation. Testing can be used as a generic metric as well. Correctness testing and reliability testing are two major areas of testing. Software testing is a trade-off between budget, time and quality.

There is a plethora of testing methods and testing techniques, serving multiple purposes in different life cycle phases. Classified by purpose, software testing can be divided into: correctness testing, performance testing, reliability testing and security testing. Classified by life-cycle phase, software testing can be classified into the following categories: requirements phase testing, design phase testing, program phase testing, evaluating test results, installation phase testing, acceptance testing and maintenance testing. By scope, software testing can be categorized as follows: unit testing, component testing, integration testing, and system testing.

Correctness testing

Correctness is the minimum requirement of software, the essential purpose of testing. Correctness testing will need some type of tool, to tell the right behavior from the wrong one. The tester may or may not know the inside details of the software module under test, e.g. control flow, data flow, etc. Therefore, either a white-box point of view or black-box point of view can be taken in testing software. We must note that the black-box and white-box ideas are not limited in correctness testing only.

Black-box testing

The black-box approach is a testing method in which test data are derived from the specified functional requirements without regard to the final program structure. It is also termed data-driven, input/output driven, or requirements-based testing. Because only the functionality of the software module is of concern, black-box testing also mainly refers to functional testing -- a testing method emphasized on executing the functions and examination of their input and output data. The tester treats the software under test as a black box -- only the inputs, outputs and specification are visible, and the functionality is determined by observing the outputs to corresponding inputs. In testing, various inputs are exercised and the outputs are compared against specification to validate the correctness. All test cases are derived from the specification. No implementation details of the code are considered.

It is obvious that the more we have covered in the input space, the more problems we will find and therefore we will be more confident about the quality of the software. Ideally we would be tempted to exhaustively test the input space. But as stated above, exhaustively testing the combinations of valid inputs will be impossible for most of the programs, let alone considering invalid inputs, timing, sequence, and resource variables. Combinatorial explosion is the major roadblock in functional testing. To make things worse, we can never be sure whether the specification is either correct or complete. Due to limitations of the language used in the specifications (usually natural language), ambiguity is often inevitable. Even if we use some type of formal or restricted language, we may still fail to write down all the possible cases in the specification. Sometimes, the specification itself becomes an intractable problem: it is not possible to specify precisely every situation that can be encountered using limited words. And people can seldom specify clearly what they want -- they usually can tell whether a prototype is, or is not, what they want after they have been finished. Specification problems contributes approximately 30 percent of all bugs in software.

The research in black-box testing mainly focuses on how to maximize the effectiveness of testing with minimum cost, usually the number of test cases. It is not possible to exhaust the input space, but it is possible to exhaustively test a subset of the input space. Partitioning is one of the common techniques. If we have partitioned the input space and assume all the input values in a partition is equivalent, then we only need to test one representative value in each partition to sufficiently cover the whole input space. Domain testing [Beizer95] partitions the input domain into regions, and consider the input values in each domain an equivalent class. Domains can be exhaustively tested and covered by selecting a representative value(s) in each domain. Boundary values are of special interest. Experience shows that test cases that explore boundary conditions have a higher payoff than test cases that do not. Boundary value analysis [Myers79] requires one or more boundary values selected as representative test cases. The difficulties with domain testing are that incorrect domain definitions in the specification can not be efficiently discovered.

Good partitioning requires knowledge of the software structure. A good testing plan will not only contain black-box testing, but also white-box approaches, and combinations of the two.

White-box testing

Contrary to black-box testing, software is viewed as a white-box, or glass-box in white-box testing, as the structure and flow of the software under test are visible to the tester. Testing plans are made according to the details of the software implementation, such as programming language, logic, and styles. Test cases are derived from the program structure. White-box testing is also called glass-box testing, logic-driven testing or design-based testing.

There are many techniques available in white-box testing, because the problem of intractability is eased by specific knowledge and attention on the structure of the software under test. The intention of exhausting some aspect of the software is still strong in white-box testing, and some degree of exhaustion can be achieved, such as executing each line of code at least once (statement coverage), traverse every branch statements (branch coverage), or cover all the possible combinations of true and false condition predicates (Multiple condition coverage). [Parrington89]

Control-flow testing, loop testing, and data-flow testing, all maps the corresponding flow structure of the software into a directed graph. Test cases are carefully selected based on the criterion that all the nodes or paths are covered or traversed at least once. By doing so we may discover unnecessary "dead" code -- code that is of no use, or never get executed at all, which can not be discovered by functional testing.

In mutation testing, the original program code is perturbed and many mutated programs are created, each contains one fault. Each faulty version of the program is called a mutant. Test data are selected based on the effectiveness of failing the mutants. The more mutants a test case can kill, the better the test case is considered. The problem with mutation testing is that it is too computationally expensive to use. The boundary between black-box approach and white-box approach is not clear-cut. Many testing strategies mentioned above, may not be safely classified into black-box testing or white-box testing. It is also true for transaction-flow testing, syntax testing, finite-state testing, and many other testing strategies not discussed in this text. One reason is that all the above techniques will need some knowledge of the specification of the software under test. Another reason is that the idea of specification itself is broad -- it may contain any requirement including the structure, programming language, and programming style as part of the specification content.

We may be reluctant to consider random testing as a testing technique. The test case selection is simple and straightforward: they are randomly chosen. Study in indicates that random testing is more cost effective for many programs. Some very subtle errors can be discovered with low cost. And it is also not inferior in coverage than other carefully designed testing techniques. One can also obtain reliability estimate using random testing results based on operational profiles. Effectively combining random testing with other testing techniques may yield more powerful and cost-effective testing strategies.

Performance testing

Not all software systems have specifications on performance explicitly. But every system will have implicit performance requirements. The software should not take infinite time or infinite resource to execute. "Performance bugs" sometimes are used to refer to those design problems in software that cause the system performance to degrade.

Performance has always been a great concern and a driving force of computer evolution. Performance evaluation of a software system usually includes: resource usage, throughput, stimulus-response time and queue lengths detailing the average or maximum number of tasks waiting to be serviced by selected resources. Typical resources that need to be considered include network bandwidth requirements, CPU cycles, disk space, disk access operations, and memory usage. The goal of performance testing can be performance bottleneck identification, performance comparison and evaluation, etc. The typical method of doing performance testing is using a benchmark -- a program, workload or trace designed to be representative of the typical system usage.

Reliability testing

Software reliability refers to the probability of failure-free operation of a system. It is related to many aspects of software, including the testing process. Directly estimating software reliability by quantifying its related factors can be difficult. Testing is an effective sampling method to measure software reliability. Guided by the operational profile, software testing (usually black-box testing) can be used to obtain failure data, and an estimation model can be further used to analyze the data to estimate the present reliability and predict future reliability. Therefore, based on the estimation, the developers can decide whether to release the software, and the users can decide whether to adopt and use the software. Risk of using software can also be assessed based on reliability information. [Hamlet94] advocates that the primary goal of testing should be to measure the dependability of tested software.

There is agreement on the intuitive meaning of dependable software: it does not fail in unexpected or catastrophic ways. Robustness testing and stress testing are variances of reliability testing based on this simple criterion.

The robustness of a software component is the degree to which it can function correctly in the presence of exceptional inputs or stressful environmental conditions. Robustness testing differs with correctness testing in the sense that the functional correctness of the software is not of concern. It only watches for robustness problems such as machine crashes, process hangs or abnormal termination. The oracle is relatively simple, therefore robustness testing can be made more portable and scalable than correctness testing. This research has drawn more and more interests recently, most of which uses commercial operating systems as their target.

Stress testing, or load testing, is often used to test the whole system rather than the software alone. In such tests the software or system are exercised with or beyond the specified limits. Typical stress includes resource exhaustion, bursts of activities, and sustained high loads.

Security testing

Software quality, reliability and security are tightly coupled. Flaws in software can be exploited by intruders to open security holes. With the development of the Internet, software security problems are becoming even more severe.

Many critical software applications and services have integrated security measures against malicious attacks. The purpose of security testing of these systems include identifying and removing software flaws that may potentially lead to security violations, and validating the effectiveness of security measures. Simulated security attacks can be performed to find vulnerabilities.

Testing automation

Software testing can be very costly. Automation is a good way to cut down time and cost. Software testing tools and techniques usually suffer from a lack of generic applicability and scalability. The reason is straight-forward. In order to automate the process, we have to have some ways to generate oracles from the specification, and generate test cases to test the target software against the oracles to decide their correctness. Today we still don't have a full-scale system that has achieved this goal. In general, significant amount of human intervention is still needed in testing. The degree of automation remains at the automated test script level.

Here talent, quality, and values come together

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Agricultural
  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Building Products
    • Doors
    • Windows
  • Chemical Products
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Consumer Services
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government
  • HealthCare
  • High Tech, Electronics, and Electrical Components
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • Industrial Products
  • Life Sciences
    • Medical Devices
    • Medical Supplies
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nonprofit
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sales and Markerting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Wholesale Distribution
    • Durable Goods
    • Nondurable Goods

TekMexico's technical solutions enables effective governance of sales and marketing spend with rigorous selection, prioritization and tracking of initiatives, in order to increase accountability and return on investment.

The TekMexico capability enables you to objectively prioritize sales and marketing initiatives with different strategic goals, potential rates of return, investment risks, constraints and dependencies in order to determine resources across competing opportunities. TekMexico provides a comprehensive solution for the selection, prioritization and tracking of initiatives, and the optimal allocation of constrained resources. It enables you to merge hard and intuitive data to arrive at an agreed upon prioritization.

Increased customer demands and regulatory changes are creating new challenges and opportunities in financial services. These trends are also causing financial services organizations to re-evaluate the cost effectiveness of their operations. TekMexico is dedicated to helping financial services organizations with specialties such as banking, insurance, and payments navigate the changing landscape in this competitive industry.

Whether it is market research critical to strategy development, process improvement critical to competitive advantage or technology implementation to enable operating efficiency, TekMexico's depth of financial services experience ensures successful change and implementation for our clients. Our approach and solutions are based on independence, integrity and innovation. We have unequaled experience providing value to our financial services clients. Our clients include top U.S. banks, some of the largest EFT networks and card associations, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as leading payment processors, ATM manufacturers and payment providers.

TekMexico is involved in designed and devloping tools related to Investment management. Investment management is the professional management of various securities (shares, bonds and other securities) and assets (e.g., real estate) in order to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors. Investors may be institutions (insurance companies, pension funds, corporations etc.) or private investors (both directly via investment contracts and more commonly via collective investment schemes e.g. mutual funds or exchange-traded funds).

Delivering safe and secure systems in an increasingly complex and connected world is a daunting challenge. TekMexico is the company that removes the risk from next-generation programs with commercial-grade run-time platforms based on industry standards for aerospace and defense. TekMexico has the experience to enable A&D customers to meet deadlines and deliver differentiated products that comply with the most stringent safety and security requirements in the industry.

Aerospace & Defense (A&D) consulting applies strengths in strategy development, economics, litigation support, and public policy to the challenges confronting industry, investors, and governments. We are known and trusted for our broad and deep industry expertise; sharp analysis; and objective tool development.

TekMexico has been involved in designing and development of different ground to air aerospace projects using JAVA, J2EE technologies.

Healthcare organizations face challenges including internal operations, financial planning, strategy development/ implementation, and government regulation. Within this complex environment, leaders must make astute, well-informed decisions that can be clearly communicated to the organization’s stakeholders.

TekMexico is a national leader in the business and strategy of healthcare organizations. We are committed to delivering smart and practical resolutions to critical issues, on-time and on-budget, across the spectrum of healthcare organizations.

The right Healthcare IT Solutions and expertise to manage them will enable your mission-critical applications to perform well, ensuring your ability to care for patients and manage your practice.

TekMexico offers a unique combination of creativity, insight, and experience that allow our clients to be among the organizations that are leading healthcare forward.

Supply Chain Management synchronizes the efforts of all parties-suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, customers, and so on-involved in meeting a customer's needs. The approach often relies on technology to enable seamless exchanges of information, goods and services across organizational boundaries. It forges much closer relationships among all links in the value chain in order to deliver the right products to the right places at the right times for the right costs. The goal is to establish such strong bonds of communication and trust among all parties that they can effectively function as one unit, fully aligned to streamline business processes and achieve total customer satisfaction.

TekMexico's supply chain solutions effectively help manage business complexity and optimize the supply chain. With real-time knowledge collaboration and visibility across the enterprise, decisions are made more quickly and disruptions minimized. Internet-enabled supply chain applications dynamically model the supply chain and when combined with advanced execution solutions, substantially improves profitability through measurable inventory and product cost reductions. These benefits are realized through faster reaction to market opportunities, improved customer relations, and true collaboration with suppliers and customers.

TekMexico supply chain solutions offer:
  • Increased profitability and shareholder value
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved inventory management
  • Superior capacity utilization and throughput
  • Increased plant yields
  • Reduced operating and procurement costs
  • Improved visibility
  • Common view of forecast, orders, and inventory across the supply chain
  • Ability to access and use plant-level information
  • Improved response and execution
  • Reduced time required to respond to opportunities and disruptions
  • Faster recognition of deviations
  • Improved decision-making tools to determine the right response
  • Improved integration for communicating new plans and schedules
  • Information available to support ongoing continuous improvement

Entertainment industry is going through a dramatic change. With the advent of Digital Media the rules for the entire value chain from content creation to distribution is getting re-written. Deregulation and globalization are putting the pressure on the industry players like Publishers, Network & Studios, Distributors, etc. to be more efficient. Entertainment services are also bundled with other services as value addition to retain customers.

With rapid growth in technology advancement like increase in Internet speed, all time net connectivity, broadband streaming has helped entertainment providers significantly. Wireless Internet & Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) is gaining popularity which has opened additional avenue of revenue stream for the players in the entertainment industry.

This is an industry driven primarily by intellectual property, technology, creativity & innovation. At TekMexico we assess the potential of Entertainment Industry and have committed ourselves to provide innovative entertainment solutions to empower the value chain. From Consulting to Application Development & Maintenance Intellect provides wide entertainment solutions spectrum to various elements of the Entertainment Value Chain.

Our Entertainment Industry Development services include:
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Audio/Video Streaming solutions
  • BPO Services
  • Content Management
  • Digitizing content
  • Entertainment Portal design/development
  • Internationalization
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Technology Extensions/ Integration
  • Mobile Applications

Here dreams are fulfilled

Become the person you’ve dreamed of, with a career at TekMexico. Find out just how far your talent can take you.

People are our core asset. It is only by attracting, nurturing, and encouraging the right talent will we be able to thrive and grow. We believe that we have a responsibility to better the lives of our employees.

Working with us, of course means that together, we will achieve the success and stay ahead. TekMexico is a software development company with clear focus on quality and punctuality. Our corporate culture is open and inclusive; irrespective of your experience, you will immediately be welcomed into the team, and would always have a significant role to play.

TekMexico was build on a vision - to deliver high value results to our customers and to create win-win relationships for everyone associated with us - be it customers or employees. We also want to be leaders with strength in developing software and business applications and to build an organization that's admired for its technical leadership and strength.

At a junior level, we look for technical capabilities, analytical skills and qualifications as well as consistency. Further energy and drive to deliver results, initiative, resourcefulness, innovation and the need to learn quickly are all very important.

At a senior level, we look for a close match with the our values. Also we focus on technical and role specific capabilities. TekMexico is a place where work is challenging, where innovation and initiatives are rewarded and where employees are encouraged to leverage their strengths. Working with us means that you will have ample opportunities to get recognized and be visible.

What sets TekMexico apart is the support, encouragement, and nurturing provided to you at every step... just like a family.

Here talent, quality, and values come together

You Will Learn How To
  • Course is inclined towards gaining the Oracle Java Certification
  • Write, compile and execute Java programs
  • Build robust applications using Java's object-oriented features
  • Create robust applications using Java class libraries
  • Develop platform-independent GUIs
  • Read and write data using Java streams
  • Retrieve data from a relational database with JDBC
Course Benefits

Java's unique architecture enables programmers to develop a single application that can run across multiple platforms seamlessly and reliably. In this hands-on course, you gain extensive experience with Java and its object-oriented features. You learn to create robust console and GUI applications and store and retrieve data from relational databases.

Who Should Attend

Anyone developing Java applications. Previous experience with a programming language such as C, Pascal or COBOL is preferred. Familiarity with Web technologies and object concepts is helpful.

Hands-On Training

A series of hands-on exercises provides experience creating Java applications. Through an ongoing case study, you design and build an intricate desktop application. A lot of pointers and emphasis are made on advance java programming. Training is conducted considering design patterns in mind. Performance and memory management are the most important factors to be considered when writing an optimal program. Our trainer’s main focus are on these concepts. Exercises include:

  • Creating Java objects and calling their methods
  • Structuring data with the Java collections API
  • Creating portable GUIs with components
  • Adding event handling to GUIs
  • Retrieving data from a relational database with JDBC
Please email us at contact@tekmexico.com for course schedule or for any questions.
For course details please open the
J2SE Core Java Course Details.pdf
You Will Learn How To
  • Develop latest JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) applications.
  • The curriculum includes designing designing real time applications using design patterns.
  • Latest and cutting edge JEE frameworks inclined towards understanding JEE 6 specifications.
  • Advance features like CDI technology and how to get away from Spring xml files.
  • The course starts with basics and ends with advance hands on training.
  • Cutting edge features like Dependency Injection, Annotations, Security and Transactions are introduced.
Course Benefits

Once you have completed the training you will acquire all the necessary tools needed to design and develop enterprise applications on java platform. The course is a job oriented course and this would help you to work in any enterprise with confidence. We would help you prepare for job interviews and provide you after training support. You will learn technologies like Jsp, Servlet, Jsf, Jstl, JMS, JavaMail, EJB3, JavaBeans, JAXB, Web Services, JMX, RMI, JDBC, Ant, Caching and many more latest technologies. We will discuss deployments and packaging on different application servers like Jboss, Oracle Weblogic and IBM Websphere. The course will certainly impart vast knowledge to handle complex scenarios which a developer faces in real time projects.

Who Should Attend

Candidates who have completed the core java course or have good hands on experience in core java.

Hands-On Training

A series of hands-on exercises provides experience creating JEE applications. Through an ongoing case study, you design and build an intricate desktop application. A lot of pointers and emphasis are made on advance JEE programming. Training is conducted considering design patterns in mind. Performance and memory management are the most important factors to be considered when writing an optimal program. Our trainer’s main focus are on these concepts. Exercises include:

  • Developing applications using JEE technologies
Please email us at contact@tekmexico.com for course schedule or for any questions.
For course details please open the
J2SE JEE Course Details.pdf

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